driver per day salary in chennai

The remuneration accorded to drivers per diem in Chennai involves delving into the types of vehicles they commonly operate, the scope of their journeys, and supplementary considerations such as timeliness and idle periods.

daily salary for an acting driver traveling from Chennai to Coimbatore

acting driver charges for outstation trip Coimbatore

Coimbatore round trip

Discover the charges for an 8-hour trip from Chennai to Coimbatore, starting in the morning and ending in the evening.

One way trip to Coimbatore

The travel salary to Coimbatore drop varies due to waiting periods and the driver's return time to Chennai.

Coimbatore Daily Package

For Coimbatore trips, the daily wage is determined by considering a 12-hour workday, akin to international travel standards.

Rs. 100 per Hour for Exceeding Driving Limit

Your driver can only drive for a maximum of 8 hours within the period from 12:00 AM to the beginning of your trip until 11:59 PM. If you exceed this limit, there will be an additional charge of Rs. 100 per hour.

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